Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TV World

Paul and his crew Sun, Umo and Roberto start their journey to the west to find hidden bible book. but they do not know how hard this journey going to be. The Starky, the fire monster is waiting for them.

Monkey King-Scene

Monkey King-Characters

SUN King of the monkey but he is not a serious king. Paul saved him from curse of God. He got a head band from Paul that controls the Sun's power.

ROBERTO He cannot say a single word. Instead of language he makes noises to communicate with others. He is energetic and loud. He controls fire.
PAUL Priest ho tries to find hidden Bible. He looks weak and old but he can control all these dangerous members.


Fire monster who concurred the oil land Paul believes that Starky has the hidden piece of Bible

Monkey King-Environment

The last train station of the world. It used to be the only gate to access the Oil Land but people disconnected the rail.


It is the world owned by Starky, the fire monster. People abandoned the land because of the monster.

Treasure Island-Scene

Treasure Island-Characters

Treasure Island-Stockade